iced + blended beverages

Prices from Small 3.09      Medium 3.49     Large 3.99
Iced Latte
Espresso and milk
Iced Mocha
Espresso, chocolate and and milk
Iced Mexican Mocha Espresso, cinnamon cocoa and milk
Iced Caramello Espresso with caramel flavor
Iced Rolo Espresso with chocolate and caramel fl avor
Iced Coffee Weakened espresso or dark coffee on the rocks
Iced Espresso Espresso on the rocks

Blended Mocha or Caramello Espresso with chocolate or caramel flavor (together = Rolo)
Pink lady Strawberries and Lemonade
Smoothie Blended fruit and ice

Always room for extras
Whipped cream, breve style, steamed or frothed milk, extra espresso shot, soy milk, blended / frozen style, and ask about our wide range of flavorings (additional prices vary)

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